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GenSan City Hall (October 5, 2019) – Personnel from the City Engineer’s Office (CEO) scan the City Hall building for cracks and damages using a 3D Laser Scanner on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.
The City Hall’s main entrance remains closed today pending the result of additional tests and detailed examinations by the CEO, meanwhile, the side and back emergency doors have been opened to public use to facilitate customers.
Engr. Emerald Signar of the CEO said that while City Hall is a well-built building it is already 33-years old and they want to make sure that it is safe for public use particularly the front canopy and the main stairs.
The Oval Covered Court will also remain closed pending repairs.
The canopy at the front entrance of the Investment Action Center will also be subjected to further inspection and tests.
While Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera has ordered the demolition of the old GenSan Water Tower after inspectors found structural damages at its base.
Detailed testing and inspections of buildings are on-going throughout the city as part of the LGU’s response to the series of earthquakes that hit parts of Mindanao. (CPIO)